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12/1/2017 - Dutton Vocalion is accepting pre-orders for two new multichannel SACDs: Alone Again (Naturally) & Love Theme from The Godfather (Speak Softly Love) and Theme from S.W.A.T. and Other TV Themes & Send in the Clowns. Combined with last year's Laughter in the Rain & Love Will Keep Us Together, six of Ray's twelve Quadraphonic Lps have made it to SACD.

Love Theme From The Godfather & Alone Again Naturally (SACD) Theme From SWAT & Send In The Clowns (SACD) Laughter In The Rain & Love Will Keep Us Together (SACD)

These are hybrid SACDs; they contain a conventional CD layer of stereo tracks (playable on any CD player) as well an SACD layer containing the high density DSD recordings in stereo and 4.0 surround (the Center and LFE channels of the 5.1 format are empty on quadraphonic recordings).

The quadraphonic mixes frequently featured sounds (e.g. bongos) that were barely noticeable in the stereo mix. One of my favorite examples is "Delta Dawn" from the Harmony Lp where the quad mix features great piano sounds that were almost totally muted on the stereo mix. Frequently, Ray separated SATB into four channels. On the album Laughter In The Rain, he placed the bass singers in the front left, sopranos in front right, tenors in surround left and altos in surround right with different instruments in each channel.

To listen to the SACD multichannel layer, you'll need either an SACD player or a Blu-ray player that is compatible with the SACD format. Most Sony equipment is compatible, such as the inexpensive Sony BDPS6700 (about $80 at Amazon). However, modern players do not have analog outputs so you'll need a digital receiver that is capable of decoding the six channels of the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format (DST and Dolby Digital are not sufficient). Check your owner's manual for your receiver.

Unfortunately, computer CD-ROM drives are not capable of reading the SACD layer. If you play or rip your SACDs on your computer, you're simply getting the CD layer.